Provide Spiritual Nourishment in Toccoa

An opportunity to engage the world...

In Toccoa, there are two great facilities for folks as they enter the later years of life. One is the Wilkinson Center, a 40 unit retirement living facility that provides each resident with their own living space without the normal hassles of home ownership, and the other is the Clary Care Center, a 42 bed assisted living facility for those with physical limitations or that need a little extra help. Both are located next to Stephens County Hospital and Toccoa Falls College.

First Alliance has been given the opportunity to be part of providing spiritual discipleship and teaching as part of the schedule of activities at both facilities. Even though the residents find themselves in a different living situation, it doesn't mean that connecting to Christ, growing with others, and engaging the world isn't still vital. 

There are two ways that you can serve our community.

  1. Be part of a rotation that provides a simple worship service on Sundays at the Clary Care Center. The service can be anywhere from 30-60 minutes and can include a 15-20 lesson, singing, prayer for one another and for the nations, and/or times of testimony. There are opportunities on the first and third Sunday of the month, and the service can be at either 10am or 2pm.

    This is a great opportunity for an individual, family, friends, or Discipling Community to do together. There's no need to be a pastor; just have a willingness to share Jesus and the Word of God with the residents. 

    You don't have to do it every time. In fact, it would be great to build a schedule so many can participate a few times each year. If you have questions, contact Pastor Chris, or if you are interested in taking a few turns, complete the form below as a first step.
  2. Lead a weekly Bible Study at the Wilkinson Center. On a particular day of the week, preferably after lunch around 2pm, head over to the Wilkinson Center, gather with a group of residents, and facilitate time in the Word of God. You could start a Discipling Community right there for residents.

    Spend time weekly connecting to Christ through Bible Study, simple acts of worship, and prayer. Grow with others by sharing with one another, praying for one another, and spending time together. Engage the World through prayer for our community, people far from God, and for the unreached people of the world to experience Jesus' love firsthand. Not only would you encourage the residents, but you would probably be just as encouraged from the time spent together.

    If you have questions, contact Pastor Chris, or if you are interested in this ministry opportunity, go ahead and complete the form below as a first step.

Continued contact with other believers and time in God's Word is a great encouragement to people, especially when life is changing rapidly. Can you be part of facilitating these opportunities? Complete the form below so we can get things going.