FACT/EA Parc 1000 Partnership

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Intentionally and incarnationally involved with the nations in our own backyard

What is Envision Atlanta?

Envision is a ministry of the Alliance focused on establishing and strengthening communities of faith in key urban environments. Envision Atlanta (EA) is part of this movement focused on reaching the peoples of the world by reaching Atlanta with the good news of Jesus Christ.  

What is Parc 1000?


Parc 1000 is one of 38 apartment complexes in Clarkston, GA, and one of the 12 that Envision Atlanta is responsible for. About 2500 residents live in approximately 300 apartments. Most are refugees that have been vetted by 17 different agencies before coming to America and who are looking to assimilate and start a new life here. A majority are from the Congo.


Why are we partnering?

The nations are coming to our backyard. There is an opportunity to build relationship with people in the name of Jesus who might not otherwise be engaged via traditional Alliance models. We believe that the call to be involved in the Great Commission is not just an “over there” thing, but a “right here” thing. We want to be faithful in our own “Samaria.” There is an amazing opportunity for all ages to have gospel impact. These refugees want/need an American friend.

What is our plan?


We have a 3 phase plan. Phase 1: establish an apartment in Parc 1000 and conduct a survey to determine needs. Phase 2: develop meaningful ministry opportunities and mobilize the church to build relationships. Phase 3: establishment of house churches and eventually having a couple living full time in the apartment at Parc 1000.

Why have an apartment?

We want to be intentional and incarnational. We don't want to just show up from the outside every so often. We want to have a consistent presence as neighbors who are invested and who are there to build gospel relationships with children, adults, and families. We feel establishing an apartment is essential to this kind of presence. It serves as a base for ministry, allows us to be neighbors, and provides a place to stay overnight.

What are we going to do?

We are looking to build relationships in a variety of ways to meet needs, identify “persons of peace”, and open doors to the Gospel. This includes prayer walking, English as a Second Language, development projects, shoeboxes at Christmas, ministries for kids, participation in EA initiatives, monthly thrift store, orientations to American life, and more. We want to serve in ways that are most meaningful with the love of Jesus as well as helping people who accept Christ get established in their faith and supporting house churches at Parc 1000.

How can I/my family be involved?


Get involved in one (or more) of these ways:
- Pray: Pray regularly for Parc 1000, our ministry there, and the whole EA team. Be part of a prayer list to receive updates.
- Give: Give regularly above & beyond your normal giving to our EA Ministry Fund for the apartment and ministry initiatives.
- Go: Receive training and be part of coordinated ministry efforts designed to build relationships and share the good news of Jesus.

Next Steps?

Click to complete and submit the Partnership Participation Form.

Next Steps include:

  • Continuing opportunities to be part of ESL There is great opportunity among refugees interested in learning english as a second language, especially in one-on-one environments. If you would be willing to go regularly to meet with individuals, get in touch with the Conkle’s via the church office. Training is available.

  • Participation in the Mobile Thrift Store (monthly) and Prayer Walking (weekly)

  • After School Homework Help (resuming in fall).

How will you Pray, Give, and Go as part of the Parc 1000 Partnership?

Check out upcoming opportunities on the calendar below. Interested in being part of one of these opportunities? Complete this form to help us with coordination.