How We Are Governed

First Alliance Church is governed in accordance with the Uniform Constitution for Churches of the Christian & Missionary Alliance. This is supplemented by a set of By-laws that have been adopted by the membership of First Alliance Church.

In regards to leadership, there is a group of men who are affirmed by the membership to serve as Elders. This title is conferred in accordance with Scripture and is not an indication of age, but of spiritually maturity for leadership (1 Timothy 3:1-13 and Titus 1:5-9). This group meets monthly and is responsible for the spiritual and strategic direction of First Alliance Church. These men also, in conjunction with the Pastoral Ministry Team, provide care, counseling, and spiritual direction for the congregation of First Alliance Church. Each Sunday, a couple of them, with their spouses, are available in the Prayer Room after the Worship Service for anyone who has need for prayer and/or counsel.

The Elders partner with a group of men and women known as the Administrative Board. This group is elected by the membership and handles matters related to policy implementation, finances, operations, and organizational issues.

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