Home Group

Young Professionals

This group is designed for young adults and working professionals who desire to engage with others in navigating through the emerging state of adulthood. This spring will focus on the wisdom of God as it relates to faith and life and as we grow in community together through fellowship, discussion, and prayer. Emphasis is also placed on reaching the lost in our community and workplaces, and serving our church and local community.Come join us if you are looking for a group of young adults to connect, grow, and engage with!

When: Mondays at 7pm
Where: Off Campus
Who: Singles, Couples, Males, Females, 24-30 years old, Young adults

Childcare: No
Contact: Kenny & Diane Jarvis

Seeking Justice

This Discipling Community is a group of couples at a stage of life where there is time and means to give back. We does it look like to engage and make a Christ-like difference in our community? We are like-minded followers of Jesus seeking to understand and redemptively engage families locked in the cycle of poverty.

Where: Off Campus home
When: Mondays at 7pm
Who: Couples, Singles

Childcare: Is not available
Contact: Doug Conkle (706) 244-7274

The Crowd

A Discipling Community for those post high school and college aged (but you don’t have to be a college student) to facilitate community, support, accountability, biblical principles, and mentoring in order to partner with and prepare to be Christ-followers in today's world. Build relationships, dig into God's Word, and enjoy snacks as you connect, grow, and engage as disciples.

Where: Off Campus home
When: Sunday at 6pm
Who: Male, Female, College aged

Childcare: Is not available
Contact: Cole Heffer,

The Grateful Dead

A Discipling Community for couples focused on growing in Christ, growing together, and growing in ministry. This group is about leadership development as well as the social and spiritual development for future ministry in the local church and worldwide via relational discipleship through case study discussion and the scriptures. 

When: Wednesdays at 7pm
Where: at First Alliance
Who: Couples, late 20s - 40s

Childcare: Is available via Awana
Contact: Heath Hutto,

Albright Home Group

A Discipling Community for any age and stage of life with a focus on developing as disciples through prayer, study, discussion, and fellowship. Connect with others, be more connected with the church, and be encouraged to daily walk well with Christ as disciples . 

When: Mondays at 7pm
Where: Off Campus home
Who: Couples, Singles, Men, Women, Any age

Childcare: Not Available
Contact: Keith McElroy, (706) 244-0474

Schultz Home Group

A Discipling Community for adults with an emphasis on prayer, support, carrying burdens, and looking at the truth of God's Word and how it applies as adults. Currently looking at Christ in the Old Testament.

When: Mondays at 7pm
Where: Off Campus home
Who: Adults

Childcare: Not available
Contact: Ann Hemminger, host