How do I BLESS my community?

Jesus lived an intentional life of blessing the world by proclaiming the Kingdom of God and showing people the way into it. As disciples, we continue to bless by proclaiming the good news of what Jesus has done among us.

Your community is the people around you: friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc. It's the people you regularly have contact with who have yet to respond to the truth and love of Jesus.

This isn't complex or hard. It means simply following Jesus' example of how to BLESS in the places God is placing you.


Begin with Prayer

Ask, "God, how do you want me to bless people? Who are you placing in my sphere of influence?"


Don't talk, but listen. Listen to their struggles and their pain. Seek to understand their life.


Have a meal with people or a cup of coffee. It isn't quick, but this is where relationships are built.


As you listen to people & eat with people, they will tell you how to love them, and you will know how to serve them.

Share your story

When the time is right, now we talk about and share the story of how Jesus changed our life.

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It's the simple way to engage others as a disciple of Jesus Christ. Are you ready to bless your community with the good news of Jesus Christ?

Thanks to Dave Ferguson and the folks at Community Christian Church for developing and sharing this acronym.

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