Being part of a church is more than just showing up for a Sunday Worship service, although that's important to do regularly. It's knowing people, growing as a disciple, and being engaged in ministry/service. As you get to know people, it's time to Connect, Grow, & Engage with others to develop as a disciple. Here's how you, as an adult, can do exactly that.

Discipling Communities

Discipling Communities are the primary point of connection and discipleship for people at First Alliance Church. Our desire is that every person who is part of First Alliance Church grows as a biblical, loving, Spirit-filled disciple becoming more like Christ, and that it is happening in the context of community. Being a disciple is as much about relationship as it is about knowledge. Discipling Communities are how we seek to express our disciple-making paradigm and priorities and how we choose to do disciple-making. This priority is the basis for current and future ministry decisions.

A Discipling Community is a smaller group of people that meets together regularly, shares life, and intentionally centers on Jesus. Discipling Communities provide the space in the larger congregational context for people to connect, grow, and engage personally, spiritually, relationally, and missionally to be and make disciples of Jesus. Members do life together to see the 7 Marks of a Healthy Disciple developed in one another and the gospel proclaimed. We would rather have lots of small groups instead of a few large groups.

In these small groups of people we gather for community, study, fellowship, service, etc. Discipling Communities take the form of groups you may already be familiar with like home groups, men's groups, women's groups, and more. They are diverse while being aligned around the same focal points and the same goal of making and multiplying disciples.

A life of following Jesus is not just about what we know, but how we apply and live out the gospel together for the good of others. It requires our active participation and involvement.

What if you had the privilege of following Jesus arm in arm with some other people sharing the ups and downs of life? What if you didn't have to figure this all out on your own? 

Ready for something more? Become part of a Discipling Community. The goal isn't to be in lots of them, but to be all in the one you are part of. Click the link below to find out what is available. It's always possible to launch new groups based on interest and need. Maybe you have an idea or are willing to start one so more people can connect, grow, and engage in a smaller context. Contact Pastor Chris. He would be eager to talk with you.

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Looking for options?

Men & Women

Alliance Men


Our desire is to see men develop as biblical disciples. All men who are part of a Christian & Missionary Alliance church like First Alliance Church are considered Alliance Men. Being a competent, godly disciple will impact how a man lives with his family, participates in the church, and serves in his workplace, community, and mission field.

Some of the opportunities to connect, grow, and engage include:

ALliance Women

Alliance Women at First Alliance Church is part of a multigenerational, world wide group of women throughout the Christian & Missionary Alliance who strive to be devoted disciples that “live the Word, do the work, and reach the world to the glory of God.”  We are actively committed to Effective Fervent Prayer for worldwide ministries and our personal lives, Immersion in the Word of God in our daily spiritual journeys and Intentional Spiritual Formation that draws us closer in relationship with God, promotes the development of a personal passionate Heart for the Lost, as stronger trust in God for Spirit Led Giving, and taking Faith Filled Risks.


GC Women typically meet on the 2nd Tuesday of the month in the evening (check the Church Calendar to confirm) with occasional daytime activities. Women of all ages are welcome to take a next step in discipleship by igniting a passion for the lost around the world and in our own community as we hear from International Workers and focus on local ministries.  You will have opportunities to pray intentionally for the lost and trust God to lead you in giving your time, abilities and resources to His work locally and globally. Contact Karen Beall, Director, with questions or to get involved.